Transforming the System of

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment.

An educated team of licensed counselors and doctors, that are constantly evolving with new practices, customize a personalized recovery and wellness action plan just for you. HealingUs Centers are comprised of Insight Integrative Health & Wellness Center, Relevance Behavioral Health Center, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, and B House Sober Living Homes.

The HealingUS Program will expose clients to the many pathways of recovery through our holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative clinical treatment center, Relevance. The pathways include SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Faith Based, Eastern Philosophy, 12- Step and more. In addition, our multidisciplinary counselors integrate the best evidence based treatments such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Inner Child Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) into the curriculum.

We strongly believe in the power of functional medicine and offer both clients and their family members integrative therapies like yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, himalayan salt room, float tanks, immunotherapy, chelation therapy, red light therapy, biofeedback therapy and more from our Integrative Health & Wellness Center, Insight. Which is conveniently located within walking distance to Relevance. Counselors will recommend, schedule, and educate clients and their families on the benefits of functional medicine in maintaining recovery. Insight offers discounted and insurance reimbursable services. 

In addition to all of the above, clients will be evaluated on nutritional deficiencies and the function of their neurotransmitters. This ensures a proper diet, supplements and medication can be given in order to start healing the mind and body immediately. Clients will also be exposed to adventure therapy where they will explore different passions and connect with other individuals in recovery through our award-winning Relapse Prevention Program, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation. During these outings they will self discover life’s purpose and learn how much fun you can have in recovery! This will also expose clients to the recovery community that they will join after treatment. At HealingUS, we believe a combination of individualized treatment, Integrative medicine, and aftercare relapse prevention is key to success. Clients may join the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation program after graduating and receive free services for up to five years. We call this the ‘HealingUS Continuum of Care’.

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30-90 Day Intensive PHP & IOP 

Multiple Weekly Individual Counseling Sessions

Personalized WRAP Plans

Multiple Pathways

Multidisciplinary Clinical Team

Intensive Family Program

Infusion of Peer Recovery Support Services

Trauma & PTSD Services

Co-Occurring Services

Equine Therapy 

Adventure & Nature Therapy

Superior & Affordable 

Relapse Prevention Program

On-Site House Manager & Recovery Coaches

Employment & Educational Programs

House Meetings & Social Activities 

Seasonal Decorating Competitions

Team Leader Roles

NJARR Certified Homes

Award Winning Relapse Prevention Program

Accountability Program 

ARCO Certified Recovery Community Organization

Educational Scholarships & Help

T+K=GO Career Program 

Recovery Coach Academy 

Community Education & Outreach

Volunteering & Giveback 

Sober Social Activities & Retreats

Vitamin Fusion Therapy

NAD+ Detoxifying Fusion Therapy

Cold Laser/Red Light therapy (Pain Management)

Biofeedback/ Sound Therapy

Bridge Device used for a natural medication free detox

Float/Deprivation Tanks

Meditation & Yoga Classes

Massage Therapy