Frequently Asked Questions

+ Outpatients or Inpatient Care?

We offer outpatient, intensive outpatient and partial care programs. This means we provide services at various levels of care designed for individuals with significant substance abuse and/or psychiatric issues. The frequency of visits per week is determined at the time of assessment based on each individual’s unique needs. As patients progress, they typically step down in frequency.

  • IOP - 3-5 days per week | Day or Evening
  • PHP - 5 days per week

+ Where will my loved one live during their care?

Patients will not live at Relevance full time and must leave the premises after their session ends. Relevance works directly with B House Sober Living which provides superior, well managed, certified recovery residences in Monmouth and Ocean County.

+ What do patients do when they are not in treatment or when they leave?

Relevance collaborates with CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, an award winning relapse prevention program and recovery community organization. CFC offers continued care for up to five years after a patient leaves Relevance. The programs include sober socialization, life skills workshops, career & internship programs, volunteer opportunities, Recovery Coaches, SMART Recovery - AA - Faith Based Meetings, and much more. Information on CFC can be found at

+ Is there care available for family members?

Family members will receive group and individual counseling sessions while at Relevance. Families can also participate in all of the programs offered by CFC Loud N Clear Foundation's Family Preservation Program.

+ Do you treat dually diagnosed individuals?

Yes we accept individuals who have a dual diagnosis. Our staff is made up of primarily Master and PHD level clinicians with many years of experience and multiple disciplines of therapy. These discipline range from DBT to Brain Spotting to Equine Therapy, with many more. Here at Relevance we are prepared to meet every client where they are and provide them with outstanding service.